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The following is a list of parts and what has been filled and what has not been filled. If you have any questions please contact Elizabeth Rhodes at or 785-226-2816. Thank you!

Many people are needed behind the scenes:

  • Set-Up: At Sylvester Farm on Nov 21 (Saturday) @ 9:00 am and immediately before Bethlehem (Dec 3 )
  • Lunches for the Set-Up/Tear Down Volunteers: Nov 21, Dec 3, and Dec 7 (Dec 8 as needed)
  • Costumes: Sort ahead of time, assign outfits to characters, and help volunteers dress at rehearsal and Bethlehem (Date and Time TBD. Inside a building job)
  • Cookie Bakers: We need over 2000 cookies to give to our guests after their tour
  • Hospitality: Hand out cookies and hot chocolate and make our guests feel welcome.
    Parking: Direct traffic as cars enter and leave property (Must be at least 16)
  • Tear Down: Monday, Tuesday (as needed), and Wednesday (as needed) (Dec 7 – 9 ) after Bethlehem
  • Laundry on Monday Dec 7: Dozens of loads of costumes and prop backdrops will need to be washed and dried at a laundry mat (usually takes 8 to 10 hrs) and hauled into the Church basement for storing. 
  • Donate Quarters: for the laundromat. 10 Rolls of quarters will be a start.
    Character Parts:

Part NamePart DescriptionVolunteers Needed Positions FilledNotes
GuidesLead Groups through Bethlehem Tour15-2011Extensive Memorization Required
Cart GuidesGuests in motorized carts can't hear the tour guide with a large tour group3-45
3 Golf driver
2 cookie deliverers
Roman SoldiersEscort groups from City Gate to Tax Collectors4-51Minimal Speaking Required
City Gate - Tram GreeterIntroduce the experience and pass groups to guards for escort to tax collectors1-21
Tax CollectorsGood humored recorders of visitor names and quantities2-32
Rachel & RuthMedium Length Script Time filler as guests wait at the Tax Collectors station2Friday and Saturday Covered, still Need SundaySome interaction with the guests waiting to take their tour.
James & JohnMedium Length Script Time filler as guests wait at the Tax Collectors station21Some interaction with the guests waiting to take their tour.
Andrew & AaronMedium Length Script Time filler as guests wait at the Tax Collectors station22Some interaction with the guests waiting to take their tour.
BethlehemitesNo Script. Able to stay in character for time periodSeveral7Some Interaction needed.
Marketplace VendorsCraftsmen/women who sell their semi time period wares.Several3
Marketplace Character: BakeryHand out flatbread & goat cheese22
Marketplace Character: Hebrew SchoolTeach some Hebrew alphabet/words to visitors1 Adult and Minimum 2 Children
Marketplace Characters - Candle ShopHand out small (unlit) candles to visitors11
Marketplace Characters - MercantileHand out olives & figs to visitors22
RabbisRead scripture from scrolls22
AngelsLook Angellic. Wear white. Small group recitation.10 (Minimum 2 Adults)2 Adult 8 Teen/Child
ShepherdsSmall speaking/walking part...escort guests for small part of tour10 Needed (Minimum 2 Adults)3 Adult 10 Teen/Child
Inn Keeper CoupleShort humorous speaking part.11Can be a different couple every night...
Holy Family (Joseph, Mary, Baby)Live Nativity in Manger/Stable (Warm location, child friendly)1-31 Family Friday & Saturday Night. One family SundayCan be a different family every night...
Wise men & Wise men ServantsShort speaking part, ability to pronounce "myrrh"Up to 61 Adult 1 teen/Child
John the BaptizerMedium length speaking part11
NicodemusMedium length speaking part11
Joseph of ArimatheaMedlium-Long length speaking part11
Music In Hospitality House Dec 6Provide Live Music for Tour Guests11
Music in Hospitality House Dec 7Provide Live Music for Tour Guests12
1 first half 1 second half
Music In Hospitality House Dec 8Provide Live Music for Tour Guests11
Hospitality House GreeterGreet Guests and let them know when the tram has arrived for Pick up2-31
Hospitality HouseServe Guests Hot cocoa , Cookies and clean tables6 to 86
Parking AttendantsHelp Park Guests (must be 16 years old and up)83
Tax Barn WranglerFollows Special instructions from Elizabeth10Follows Special instructions from Elizabeth