Operation Ottawa

Operation Ottawa is our outreach ministry to the town of Ottawa and Franklin County and ultimately birthed out of the needs from the coronavirus season. We make it our aim as a leadership team to prioritize three things for our community in times of crisis: prayer, gifts of mercy, and support of local businesses.

We are committed to praying for the town of Ottawa as we view these times of crisis as redeemable by God. We hope that the hearts of our neighbors would be stirred to see their ultimate need for Jesus Christ, and also pray that God would provide for and protect our community with practical needs.

We are also devoted to building a resource bank full of food and logistical needs as a means of reaching the needs of our neighbors, thus engaging them with the love of Jesus.

Last, we also focus upon the local economy by supporting local businesses through times of crisis. We sponsor one business per week and encourage our people to support them financially with their business purchases.

In all endeavors, we aim to be the light in our community so that they may know the love of Jesus Christ.

For more information about how you might acquire resources, or reach out for business sponsorship and prayer, contact us.

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