This We Believe

The ever living, all knowing, all powerful, and everywhere present God has revealed Himself through creation, through the Bible, and through Jesus.
God breathed His message for mankind into 40 holy men over a period of 1400 years to write a library of sixty-six books. There are no errors of any kind in the original manuscripts.
The Bible teaches that God is one God and that the Father is God, that the Son is God, and that the Holy Spirit is God. When Jesus was baptized in the Jordan river, the Father spoke from heaven His approval of His Son, and the Holy Spirit settled upon Him in the form of Dove.
God created all things and is the source of life.
God created spirit beings called angels. Some chose to rebel against Him. God created hell for the eternal containment of evil angels and for people, who like them, choose rebellion and evil.
The Old Testament is God’s covenant and workings with one nation, Israel. In return for obedience to His laws God promised land, protection, wealth, and health.
The New Testament is God’s covenant with individual people of all nations. In return for repentance of sin and genuine faith in His one and only Son, Jesus, God promises eternal life.
Faith is gift that comes through hearing the Word of God.
The Holy Spirit convicts us, causes us to “come alive” to God (born again), baptizes us into the Body of Christ, indwells us, gifts us, empowers us, grows us towards Christ-likeness, and seals us as a guarantee to enter heaven.
Jesus promised to return for His followers and take them to His Father’s house. Jesus predicted seven years of worldwide wars, famine, disease, and catastrophic upheavals in nature.
Jesus predicted He would then return and restore earth, bring peace and justice, as well as conclude His dealing with the nation of Israel.
The Bible concludes with the final judgment, the destruction of the universe, the creation of a new heaven and a new earth in which the redeemed and the good angels will reside for eternity and whatever God has planned for us next.