At Ottawa Bible Church, we love God and we love His Word. Because of these truths, we also love people. Our desire is to advance the Gospel within Ottawa and around Franklin County, and we believe that we can do this through a variety of ways. We gather. We worship. We preach. We love. We equip. We send out. Then, we repeat.


A normal Sunday at OBC begins the morning with a 9:00 am service in the sanctuary, and is also livestreamed on YouTube for those desiring to watch from home, followed by a churchwide breakfast, which is open from 9:45-10:45 am (biscuits, gravy, eggs, etc) in our Activity Center. Our breakfast ministry is designed to create an informal space for fellowship and relationship building.

Overlapping with first service is our Kids and Adult Sunday School ministry which runs from 9:00-10:05 am. Kids Sunday School offers multiple classes for different age ranges, and students are equipped and taught from the Answers in Genesis curriculum. Classes for children Pre-K to 6th grade are held in the church basement and there is a quick registration process downstairs upon arrival.  Classes for youth (7th-12th grade) are held upstairs in the Activity Center. Adult Sunday School classes are also available and are typically held in an upstairs classroom in the Activity Center.

Following these events, we hold our second service at 11:00 am in the sanctuary. It should also be noted that we hold Children's Church (pre-k thru 3rd grade) for students downstairs in our basement during this hour, and are encouraged to attend after worship. There is a quick registration process for this as well.

Last, we also host a radio program from 8:30-9:00 am on KOFO Radio (103.7 FM).


We have established guest parking for you in our parking lot right up front near our main nursery entrance and is noted by signage. It’s here that we would love to be the first ones to meet and welcome you to OBC. First time guests, please visit us in our front foyer to receive a free gift. We also have “YES” cards to fill out in the pews to help us get to know you, or answer any questions you might have. These can also be turned in as you’re leaving the foyer to receive your gift.


Nursery is available during all service times. Check-in is also marked by a huge sign on the west side of the church building which says “Nursery Below”, and takes about 1 minute for first time guests. We will write out a name tag for all kids and collect important information from parents. We’ve tried to keep it fast, safe, and simple! As noted above, we also offer Kids Sunday School and Children's Church on Sunday mornings.

As for teens, we hold a belief that they are not “the future of the church”, but are currently a part of the church if they have placed their faith in Jesus to save. Thus, we encourage teens to attend Sunday School and the main services with us to be equipped for godly living in the world to come. Aside from Sundays, we also offer Sunday night Community Youth Group in the Activity Center on our church grounds at 6:00 pm.


Our praise team will lead us in 3-5 Gospel centered songs. The focus of worship at Ottawa Bible worship services is not about creating a moment of feeling, but rather a moment of truth that is centered on who Jesus is and what He accomplished. We enjoy singing praises to God and sing about who He has revealed Himself to be in the Bible.


A pastor will talk much about Jesus from the Bible, who He is, what He’s done, and how He actively changes our lives today. The centerpiece for every message is that the Bible would use the pastor to preach its message, not the pastor using the Bible to preach his agenda. We often preach from the NASB version. If you do not have a Bible, we would love to freely provide one for you so that you can follow along.


After 60-70 minutes the service will conclude. Most people hang around afterward for continued fellowship and discussion.

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